The Railway Children – Audition details

Here’s all the information you need for the auditions for our Winter musical, The Railway Children, including dates, characters and a summary of the plot.

Workshops and auditions

Friday 21st June at 7.30pm
Wednesday 26th June at 7.30pm

Friday 28th June at 7.30pm

The musical features a large, mixed cast of adults and children.

About the show

E. Nesbit’s well-loved tale of the three Victorian children sent to live in the countryside with their mother after their father has been disgraced for supposedly betraying his country’s secrets is brought vividly to life in this new adaptation, losing nothing of the original spirit of humor, tension, adventure and the final triumph of good over evil.


An idyllic Edwardian family Christmas is interrupted by a knock at the door and a family’s life is changed forever. Father is wrongfully arrested and Mother and the three children, Roberta (Bobbie), Peter and Phyllis, are forced to move to the country. Discovering a railway near their new house is just the beginning of a series of adventures set over one long summer.

Julian Woolford’s and Richard John’s musical brings a masterful emotional depth to this rite of passage story, developing from youthful passion for adventure to an adult sense of responsibility, whilst featuring heartfelt ballads, stirring choral numbers and tuneful melodies.

Period: 1905-1906 (Edwardian)

Featured characters

Roberta (Bobbie)
14 to 18 years old
The eldest: brave, thoughtful and intelligent. Considerate and caring, a natural leader.

12-16 years old
The second child and Bobbie‘s brother. An intelligent and honest character who demonstrates bravery and resilience in the face of danger.

8-11 years old
The youngest child and the most naive. Nevertheless, she demonstrates the family’s sensitive and considerate nature, showing heroism.

35-50 years
Considerate and resourceful, she does her best to protect the children from the rumours surrounding their father. A loving and considerate mother, who, despite the difficulties the family find themselves in, remains proud and determined.

35-50 years
A government officer. Persistent and honest, maintains his innocence regardless of the rumours surrounding his situation. He is hard-working and tolerant and maintains integrity throughout.

Playing age 35+
A railway porter.  A friendly, kind and likeable character who is required to hold the show together as he narrates the story.

Old gentleman
Playing age 60+
Kindhearted and resourceful. Befriends the children when things become difficult and does his best to help the family. A senior member of the cast who needs to be likeable and warm.

There are several additional speaking parts and a good-sized chorus is needed to make a well-rounded show.