Tickets – frequently asked questions

I have booked online, but haven’t received my ticket, what should I do?

An email will have been sent to you from the online booking system and your ticket is in a pdf attached to the email. Please check your Junk folder.

I tried to book online, but seemed to fail at the payment stage. However the seats that I was in the process of booking are now not available. Have I booked the seats or not?

If the system failed for any reason while you were booking, or you did not complete your booking for any reason, the seats you were booking remain unavailable for 24 hours. You have the option of booking alternative seats or waiting for 24 hours and then booking the seats again.

I have booked online and received the confirmatory email, but am unable to print the tickets, what shall I do?

We will have a record of your transaction, so come along to the Box Office at the theatre on the night of the show and you can get replacement tickets.

I need extra legroom; can you tell me which seats are next to an aisle?

Please refer to the seating plan when booking online. The seats towards the centre offer additional legroom.

How can I book disabled seating?

To book disabled seating, please email Thank you.

None of these answers solves my problem.

Please email we will do our best to answer your questions.