50/50 Club

Each year, the 50/50 Club produces over £1000 in revenue for the Mill’s fundraising efforts. It is based on a monthly draw and is open to everybody.

A fairly painless way of supporting the fundraising effort, each month members of the 50/50 club pay £2 by standing order for one number and one chance to win. By law, half of the income has to be paid out in prizes, so we split the fund into three prizes:

  • 1st Prize receives 50% of the prize fund (approx £40)
  • 2nd Prize receives 30% of the prize fund (approx £25)
  • 3rd Prize receives 20% of the prize fund (approx £15)

You will be allocated a 50/50 membership number for each £2 that you invest and you will be sent a standing order form to complete and return. This will be forwarded to your bank. You can stop your membership at any time by contacting us. If you change address, you will need to get in touch with us.

Winners names are published on the website and in our newsletter unless you ask us not to do so.

To join, please contact Brian Gale, brian.galez@tiscali.co.uk and he will then send you all the information you need.

Winners for July 2024

  1. Alan Capper
  2. Anonymous
  3. May Bonney