The Mill Youth

The Mill Youth work under the umbrella of the full society yet have a unique character of their own. Mill Youth activities are led by a mix of fully-qualified teaching professionals, long-standing youth performers and also experts in a range of technical fields.

The Youth Passport

Theatre isn’t just about performing!

The Mill is one of the few amateur theatre companies in the country who produce everything in house. Sets and costumes are made ‘on site’ and props are sourced from our own store, along with rehearsals taking place in our own rehearsal space. This means that we can open your eyes to the whole picture and develop skills for all areas, rather than just focusing on performance.

At the moment, we are not able to run workshops or rehearsals but once restrictions are lifted we plan to run monthly workshops, on a rotation system, to train our young members in every main discipline of theatre. This will give them a rounded understanding of what is involved in producing a play or musical. This training will then be used to produce Mill Youth productions – performed, directed, designed, technically produced and marketed by our Youth members with supervision and support from adult members.

By using the enthusiasm and skills of some of our experienced adult members, workshops will be run on the following disciplines:

  • Performance (Acting, Singing and Dance)
  • Production creation (Directing, Musical Direction and Choreography)
  • Technical (Lighting and Sound)
  • Backstage (Production Management, Stage Management and Backstage Crewing)
  • Design (Set and Costume with basic construction knowledge and running skills)
  • Marketing and Promotion

At the end of the rotation, there will be the opportunity for our Youth members to produce their own production – be it an improvised piece or one using an existing script – where they can put the skills learned into practice.

The Youth are the future of our society. Without them, there will be no productions in the future and it’s our job, as custodians of Sharnbrook Mill Theatre Trust, to ensure that we have people trained in all elements of production to keep our special venue alive and well.

For more information, or to get involved, please email Kathryn at


The safety of our Youth members (and the adults tutoring and assisting them) is paramount and therefore all adults involved in the project will be vetted and will have to obtain an Enhanced DBS Check. No adult will be on their own with a child at any point and we will assign at least two adults to each of the above workshops to ensure the safety of everyone.

Summer School

If you’d like to find out about our annual Summer School for those aged 9-18, please visit this dedicated page on our website.

Show gallery

Below, you can see just a small sampling of the recent shows that have involved our Youth members.