The Last Five Years – Information for auditionees

This is just a quick message from the director (Mike Horne) to give you some information about Sunday’s auditions. If you have already auditioned, please skip to where it says “After the auditions are over”.

COVID-19 precautions
It’s a particularly strange time at the moment, what with the pandemic. Therefore, can we ask that, if possible, you do a Lateral Flow Test on the Sunday before you travel, just to make sure. If you get a positive result, please email me ( as there *may* be something we can do about it, such as getting you to video yourself auditioning and sending it to us during the Sunday session. Obviously, that’s not ideal but it’s better than missing out on the opportunity entirely. When waiting for your audition, please wear a face covering – you can obviously remove that once you’re on the stage and ready to perform.

Where the auditions will be held
The auditions will be held at Sharnbrook Mill Theatre on the outskirts of Sharnbrook village. The postcode is MK44 1NP and we’re just off the A6 between Rushden and Bedford. Look out for the brown sign that shows you where it is. Head down the track and into the (free) car park. Take it easy in the car park as it’s a bit bumpy at the moment!
Head for the heavy door set in the green-walled building (rather than the glassed main entrance) as this is the door that will be open. Go up the stairs and then into the Clubroom (where the audience waits before entering the auditorium. The auditorium itself is directly ahead of you as you enter the Clubroom).
The auditions will be held in the theatre auditorium. What we will do is to put the audition forms in a random order and then call each person through, one at a time, to do their audition. Go up the stairs and down the stairs to the stage, from where you will perform.
We’ll provide a chair on the stage, if you wish to do any of your audition seated.

If you haven’t filled in an audition form
If you didn’t attend the get-together on Wednesday, or you didn’t hand your form in, please make sure to send it through on the day with someone else who is auditioning and we will add it to the other forms and call you in when it is your turn. Alternatively, let me know by email ( and I will send the questions on it to you via email and get it filled in for you ahead of time!

Dialogue or Music first?
It is up to you which order you do your audition in – either dialogue first or music first. However, the songs should be done in the order of the show. The dialogue pieces are single-person pieces so we don’t need anyone to read in.
Apart from the stipulation about song order, remember: this is your audition, your chance to shine, so if you need to start again on a song, or the dialogue, let us know.


  • If possible, we suggest practicing and preparing the pieces in advance of Sunday, rather than going in “cold”. However, we don’t expect you to learn it, unless you feel more comfortable doing so.
  • Please warm up vocally before your audition.
  • We’re eager for you to do the audition well – and everyone on the panel is very excited to hear what you can do!

After the auditions are over
The audition panel will, of course, need time to deliberate and discuss the auditions. This may take some time, or it may not depending on the number of people we have to consider. In any case, once you have completed your audition feel free to head home. We will announce the cast via email, hopefully on Sunday evening.

Any questions, please contact me!