The 39 Steps – more information for auditionees

Our September drama is The 39 Steps by Patrick Barlow, based on the classic Alfred Hitchcock film

It is a hilarious comedy spy thriller with parts for 3 men and 1 woman and will be great fun for the cast and the audience.

The show is on from 14th to 19th September.

Cast requirements

Richard Hannay – playing age 35-50 ish.
Plays the same part throughout the show and is posh and confident with a stiff upper lip.

Female playing 3 parts – playing age 35-50 ish (to match Hannay).
Annabella Schmidt – foreign femme fatale
Margaret – Scottish crofter’s wife
Pamela – posh accent and demeanour.

2 male clowns – any age.
They play a massive number of characters, sometimes at lightning speed. They will need lots of energy (and no oxygen is provided!)

Workshops and auditions

The workshops and auditions will be held on 6th and 8th April at The Mill at 7.30pm.

More information

For more information, please call Susan Moore on 01933 318318.