Made in Dagenham – We need men!

Following the auditions for our June musical, Made in Dagenham, there are several male parts that have not yet been cast, as well as parts for two young performers (one boy, one girl).

We have arranged for a workshop, to be held at The Mill in January, for any man who would be interested in joining the cast. This is on Saturday, 11th January starting at 10am. Material will be learned at the start of the day and auditions will be held later on the same day. If you’re on Facebook, please let us know you’re coming! If you are interested in either of the young parts, please contact us and we’ll pass on the message to Lester Cooke, the director.

The parts available and not yet cast are as follows:

Eddie O’Grady – (Playing age 30’s) Rita’s HusbandStrong singer and actor. An ordinary, likeable, working class bloke. Happy go lucky and a bit of a joker. Loves Rita, but is ‘one of the lads’ and would expect his ‘tea on the table’. However, he is a decent guy and tries his best to be supportive when the strike starts.

Harold Wilson – (Playing age 50’s) Labour Prime MinisterGood Comic actor and singer. Able to catch some of the qualities of this well-known politician. West Yorkshire accent. Is played as something of a comedy buffoon in the show. He is chauvinistic and slightly clueless.

Sid – (playing age 30’s+) Factory worker and Union Shop StewardOne of the workers on the shop floor who represents the ‘fitters’ and sprouts half-hearted Marxist banter. His priority is larking about and sharing a laugh. A ‘double act’ with Bill.

Bill (playing age 30’s+) Factory worker and Union Shop StewardOne of the factory workers on the shop floor who represents the ‘engineers’ but, like Sid, is more likely to be larking about and sharing sexist jokes. A ’double act’ with Sid.

Mr Hopkins – (Playing age 35-45) Managing Director, Ford DagenhamGood actor. Ex-public school, university educated and well spoken (RP accent). A conformer who wants an easy life and a submissive wife who will support him in his corporate career.

Ron Macer – (Playing age 30+) Ford Dagenham Production manager. Working class middle management. Unhappy at home and would rather be at work.

Gregory Hubble (Playing age 30+) Ford Dagenham Personnel Manager. Working class Middle management. Sees himself as a bit of a comedian.

Cortina Man (playing age 20s-30s) ‘Front Man’ for the Cortina launch. Good singer. Cheesy, charming, insincere, and attractive. The definitive car salesman.

Graham O’Grady (playing age 10 or younger) – Rita & Eddie’s son.

Sharon O’Grady (playing age 10 or younger) – Rita & Eddie’s daughter.

There are also some other parts that will be doubled from the cast.