Fings Wot We Learned – an interview with the cast of Daisy Pulls It Off

We caught up with some of the cast of our most recent production, Daisy Pulls It Off, to hear about their experiences and ideas for the future…

Hi ladies!


Lovely to see you all! So, rewind to October 2019 – why did you all audition for Daisy Pulls If Off?

We all auditioned for this production because we all wanted to meet other young people who are passionate about theatre! Not only that, we all love the atmosphere and the sense of community!

That’s so great to hear! The show was performed in March (just before Lockdown happened) – what was the best part of the production for you all?

We all thought the best part of the production was sharing the experience with others and how we all supported each other through the highs and the lows of rehearsals! We also are very grateful to have made so many friends! We learned a lot during the production such as improving characterisation skills and breaking the fourth wall!

Does that mean you’d all like to return to the Mill?

We would definitely return to the Mill because they really support the youth there, and the general atmosphere and how organised the Mill is! It feels like you’re part of a family there!

What productions would you like The Mill to produce in the future?

We would like to see a variety of productions done at The Mill. For example, some sort of pantomime would be fun, and we think the youth would really enjoy it! Not only that, a pantomime has something for everyone! We’d also like to see plays such as The Woman in Black and An Inspector Calls! The musicals we’d like to see are Les Miserables and The Sound of Music!

You’re all very talented performers, but would you be interested in directing, designing or running the technical aspects of any future shows at The Mill?

We would all love to work with other hard-working young people to produce a show. Also, we would all love to see the other areas and qualities of the theatre! We would all love to see something we’ve created on stage!

Why should other young people get involved at The Mill?

Young people should get involved at The Mill because, if they’d like a career in the theatre, it would look good on your CV to have worked at a theatre! Young people are also the future of The Mill so it’s important we have youth taking part! We’d like young people to come and join so we can prove the talent and confidence we have, and the skills and creativity young people can contribute to The Mill!

Thank you ladies! Really wonderful to see you all and we look forward to seeing you back at The Mill very soon!

Thank you!