Cloud auditions

Workshops and auditions for Cloud are nearly here!

Workshops 7.30 to 9.45pm, on Tuesday 22nd November and Thursday 24th November.

Auditions Sunday 27th November – timings for different characters to be advised at workshops.

Rehearsals will begin 4 January 2017 on Monday and Wednesday nights at the Mill, and the show will be performed 5-10 June 2017.

Here’s a quick recap of the types of role and age groups (leads available in all six groups):
COLONY LEADERS: the ruling or spiritual authority on Cloud. Intensely charismatic roles, age 35-50.
THE COUNCIL: those who run the daily workings of the colony. Quirky, strong characters, age 35 upwards.
SIRENS: young women training for spiritual leadership, but looking for passion and change. Vibrant, sensual and assertive, age 18-30.
REBELS: strong young working men, mostly fishers, who plan to leave the colony and strike out on their own. Hotheads, but lovable, age 18-30.
SAND TRIBES: the colonists, who face daily hardship and live on the edge of survival. Gritty roles with pathos. Wide age range.
ENFORCERS: the ‘police’ of Cloud, who ensure the Council are obeyed. Intimidating, age 20-50.