Audition details for Stop! The Play

Auditions for our May comedy, Stop! The Play have now been rescheduled. All the details can be found below.


A reading will be held at the Mill Theatre on Thursday, 26th January at 7pm.

Auditions for parts will be held at the Mill on Sunday, 29th January from 11.00am-1.30 pm.

We’re looking forward to seeing as many people as possible for what we expect to be a hilarious, and anarchic, rehearsal period!

What’s it about?

I have read the play, Evelyn! I keep reading the play, but the play keeps on changing!”

Five neurotic actors, one incredibly stressed Stage Manager (with an escaped monkey), a demented Director and an invisible playwright are all desperately trying to rehearse the world’s worst play – but it keeps being rewritten and each time is more hilariously terrible than the one before.

And, although it shouldn’t, somehow the play manages to go on!

Stop!..The Play is an hilarious send up of everything bad about bad theatre.

Character list

CHRISSIE – Stage Manager (30’s) Young, diligent, loyal, and willing to do anything to help the show go on.

HUGH – Male lead (40’s) He has never found fame, fortune, and acclaim which he believes he has deserved and is now painfully vain, insecure, and very needy.

GEMMA – Female Lead (30’s) A dedicated and accomplished actor who masks her lack of confidence by pretending to be younger and more foolish than she really is.

EVELYN – Director (any age between 25-55) The spoiled son of accomplished parents whom he has always tried and failed to live up to. He signally lacks any of the artistic or personal qualities required to direct a play.

LINDA – Female (50’s) A competent and clever performer. She is independently wealthy and so doesn’t need to work. Acting is, therefore, something of a hobby for her.

WALTER – Male (65+) A jobbing character actor, nearing the end of a long, varied but not terribly illustrious career. But whilst he struggles with remembering his lines, he does have an inexhaustible fund of anecdotes and an inexcusable desire to tell them!

KRISTON – Male (25) A young, hip, American who is brought in at great expense to save the day. He is open and willing to please, but smart enough not to allow himself to be exploited.

More information

If you are interested in auditioning, but are unable to make either of these dates, or would like more information, please contact the Director, Nicole Macdonald, on her email: