An Introduction to the Alexander Technique for Actors – workshop for Youth and Adults – this September

We are delighted to be welcoming Roy Palmer MSTAT for a workshop on the Alexander Technique for Actors this September. The workshop will take place on Saturday 4th September from 2pm to 4.30pm.

This introductory course is designed for actors of all ages, abilities and experience. Using practical exercises, participants will learn how to apply the basics of the Alexander Technique to help:

  • Release/prevent tension
  • Improve breathing/voice
  • Deal with performance anxiety
  • Be in the moment to get into character
  • Move with ease

The physical benefits are obvious for an actor. Any tension, no matter how slight, will compromise your performance. Tight muscles can affect your breathing and consequently your voice; that same tension will challenge your movement and prevent the natural gestures that make your character believable.

The course objective is for actors to recognise the factors that underpin performance, and learn practical techniques to improve them.

The session includes:

  • Making good posture easy
  • The impact of posture on breathing and voice
  • Promoting poise, balance and efficient movement
  • Preparing to prepare
  • How to use nerves/performance anxiety to your benefit

The course also touches on the ability to ‘get into the moment’ in an instant, also known as “The Flow” or “The Zone”. This vital skill allows you, the actor, to lose the mannerisms (movement habits) that are uniquely yours, and let the character inhabit your body so your movement and gestures become that of your character.

The session costs £15 per person and can be booked by emailing