A Man of No Importance – Character breakdown

A Man of No Importance - Casting posterWorkshops for the musical “A Man of No Importance” are next week – on Monday 7th and Wednesday 9th November (both at 7.30pm) – with auditions on Sunday 13th November. Director David Russell and Davina Beegoo-Price offer up this additional detail about the characters in the show. They will be talking through them all, including audition pieces, at the workshops.

For this show, the cast is comprised mostly of middle-aged characters with two younger members (playing ages early to mid 20s). There is at least one non-singing role.

“Playing age” means you have to be able to embody the character of that age and look like they would once in costume/make up and such, so there’s a bit of wiggle room either way!

Although the show is set in 1960’s Dublin, which was not massively diverse at the time, we are open to adapting this and would like and encourage (as always) anyone and everyone to attend the workshops and audition if you would like to be part of the show.

If you love being on stage, have a cracking singing voice, can move in time (a bit) and are able to nail an Irish accent, they will be the things we’re making decisions on, rather than choosing based on who you are, who you know or how you look.

As always though, any questions or queries, please contact us and let us know. We are always happy and keen to make getting into the theatrical world easier and give people who love theatre the opportunity to shine 🌟

Most (but not all) of the characters are members of a local amdram group, so they will feel very familiar!

Alfie Byrne
Alfie is a middle-aged bus conductor
Playing age mid 40s to mid 50s

Alfies best friend
Handsome bus driver
Playing age mid to late 20s

Adele Rice
Alfie’s Princess
Shy and quiet
Playing age early 20s

Stage manager of the players
Grumpy and sarcastic
Late 50s to late 60s

Breton Beret/Peter
Breton is definitely an unsavoury character. Age can vary but no older than playing age of mid 40s

William Carney/Oscar Wilde
The star of the players, or so he thinks
Playing age mid 50s. Egotistical.

Father Kenny/Carson
Priest of the church/Supervisor of the Bus Station
Playing age 60s
(non singing)

Lily Byrne
Alfie’s sister
Playing age mid 50s

Mrs. Patrick
Married but hiding a secret
Playing age 40s.

Ernie Lally
Very enthusiastic member, so character needs to be upbeat
Playing age mid 40s to late 50s

Miss Crowe
Spinsterish and quiet but has the opportunity to get very excitable
Playing age mid 30s to late 50s.

Mrs. Grace/Kitty Farelly
Mrs Grace is a long standing member of the theatre group.
Def sees herself as still a bright young thing
Playing age late 40s to 50s

Kitty – Typical, brash pub landlady

Rasher Flynn
Very dry character. Always with a cigarette jammed in his mouth.
Playing age mid 40s to late 50s.

Sully O’Hara/Monsignor
Smaller role
Playing age late 40s to 50s

Mrs. Curtin
Typical Irish housewife, almost Mrs Brown in style but younger
She’s also the amdram company’s choreographer