Youth Summer School application form

Before you fill in this form, please take a look at our Health, Safety and Safeguarding Guidelines and our Terms and Conditions. You will need to agree to all three when applying.

In line with our Safeguarding policy, at the bottom of the form, we ask for your consent for photographs and videos to be taken of the student for use in future publicity and for tutors to use as a record of their work. If you do not give your consent, we will endeavour to ensure that the student’s image is not used in any way. At no point will the name of the student appear next to photographs or videos.

Data Protection / GDPR

Please note that personal details supplied on this form will be held by Sharnbrook Mill Youth Theatre for school purposes only. The school will not release any of this confidential information to any third party (other than in the event of a medical emergency when details will be released to the ambulance service). In addition, the school will always seek consent to release a child’s name (e.g. local press for publicity). We will never publish a child’s name with an image. For performances and productions, permission will be sought from all parties if a recording is to be made. Personal details will be safeguarded and will not be divulged to any other individuals or organisations for any other purposes.

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