Youth Summer School 2021 – Terms and Conditions

Dates and times

This year’s course is being split by age as follows:

  • Tuesday 27th July – 6 years to 9 years
  • Wednesday 28th July – 10 years to 12 years
  • Thursday 29th July – 13 years to 15 years
  • Friday 29th July – 16 years to 18 years
  1. The course days will start at 9am and will finish by 3.30pm. Performance showcases will be at 4pm each day for parents/guardians to come and watch in the theatre.
  2. Please note that we may need to restrict the number of adult spectators if required due to COVID-19.
  3. The theatre will be open from 8.45am each morning and children will be supervised from that time.
  4. Pupils will need to be collected from the theatre at the end of the day. Please ensure that your child is collected by 4.30pm (after the performance showcase) as course organisers may be conducting meetings and cannot be responsible for child supervision after this time.

Rules and Regulations

  1. Due to the location of Sharnbrook Mill Theatre, it is vital that pupils abide by the rules set out by course leaders. The theatre is in close proximity to several dangers and therefore there are areas that are strictly out of bounds. Expectations will be made clear to all pupils on the first morning – failure to abide by these rules will result in exclusion from the course.
  2. Course leaders reserve the right to discipline pupils according to our behaviour policy and we appreciate your support in upholding these standards.
  3. A copy of the behaviour policy is available on request

Food and Drink

  1. Pupils will be expected to bring a packed lunch during the week.
  2. Complimentary squash will be provided and biscuits will be available for a nominal fee of 20p.
  3. Please may we request that pupils do not use chewing gum at all.
  4. No food or drink will be permitted in the main theatre auditorium.


  1. Please ensure that your child wears suitable, comfortable clothing that they will be happy to use during rehearsals.
  2. Please be aware that some rehearsal surfaces will be dusty.
  3. Footwear should be trainers or similar – no heels please.

Safeguarding and consent

A copy of The Mill’s Health and Safety guidelines, including Safeguarding, is available here.

In addition, we request that all students refrain from the taking of photographs and videos on mobile devices during the workshops/performance. There is a need to protect all students and staff from any images or recordings being posted on social media without the participants’ consent. Any breach of this rule will result in the child being excluded from the course.