Minutes – 25th April 2017

Minutes of the Marketing Committee Meeting

25th April 2017

In attendance were: Brenda Stafford, Theo Gibbs, David Husband, Alex Goodbody, Michael Horne

  1. Cloud
    1. Print jobs for A1/A2/A3s are all done.
    2. A4 posters – 40 to be allocated for the cast and distributed (MH/TG).
    3. 200 A5 Cloud leaflets – to be printed (MH).
    4. Facebook sharing going okay, could be going better. Twitter could be a LOT better. Need to push this. Kathryn to tag people on Facebook and Twitter. (KR/MH)
    5. Hourglass video – DH/MH to catch up with Kayes to find out if we can re-post it on Sharnbrook page. (DH/MH)
    6. Press releases going out to websites. Newspapers to be done. Ouse Valley may do a profile of us. Also gone to What’s On Stage? (AG)
    7. Scheduling of Cloud photos done between MH and KR. Could do with less hashtags on Facebook and more descriptive from, say, the byline. (MH/KR)
    8. Facebook Live video of rehearsal – we really want to do this but it’s finding a moment that doesn’t clash with rehearsals. 7/7.15pm before rehearsal. The Kayes plus a couple of others. Then meet the cast in the bar and that’ll be the end. Either that or do it Sunday 7th (KR/MH)
    9. KR sent to Elaine Paige on Sunday. AG to ask KR if she’s done the formal Break a Leg request and sort it out if she hasn’t. Kaye V to be asked about who will do the ‘reading out’ for BAL. (AG/KR)
    10. Do a Facebook feature – outtakes from the Quarry. A Quarry in Sandy: How do you make it look like an alien planet. DH to send the outtakes to MH or MH to grab from Facebook. (DH/MH/KR)
    11. Banner design – MH to look at tomorrow. (MH)
    12. Audience survey – two sessions only for Cloud as it’s not representative of Mill as a whole.
    13. Radio Northampton – press release sent, nothing heard back yet.
    14. Three Counties – ditto.
    15. Programme is work-in-progress.
    16. Reciprocal advert for St Andrews to happen in Cloud programme, just needs rejigging. MH just to check with Doug. Mix poster with the full quarry cast. KR – check whether black and white or colour for the programme. (MH/KR)
    17. Arcade Window going in next week. David Midlane will be doing that. (BS)
    18. Matthews to be done by Theo. MH to do hard-copies of the photos ASAP. (MH/TG)
    19. DH collaging the cast photos together for MH. (DH)
    20. MH to talk to Melanie Coleman about getting society contacts for sending out a letter inviting them to Cloud. Or possibly go to their Facebook page. (MH)
  2. Singin’ in the Rain
    1. Singin’ in the Rain – a school production, supported by us. However, they’re doing most of the work, but we need to share it out. BS to talk to Paul Wildman about getting a large poster done for the window display, which will be simple. AG to ask PW about the programme just in case. (BS/AG)
  3. Planning
    1. Calendar for production year to be done. (MH).
  4. Other printing
    1. To be discussed: a season brochure or leaflet without Cloud and with “Youth production” instead of Phantom so we can use it outside the Mill’s 2 mile Phantom inclusion zone.
    2. BS to ask White Hart about vinyl printing. (BS)
  5. Website
    1. Website migration to 1 and 1 done. Old website kept for historical bits and pieces should we want to migrate the content.
    2. Past productions list still not done. Carry forward. (MH)
    3. NODA awards page to be added to website – (TG to collate, MH to publish)
    4. Crowdfunding almost done. To be removed from the website when done (11 days). Then rejig to push Cloud (poss landscape banner at top). (MH)
  6. Grist
    1. Next Grist – almost done, waiting for a bit of news. (AG/MH to proof)
  7. Miscellaneous
    1. DH – interior and exterior photos of the Mill – carry forward. (DH)
    2. Bedford Library carry forward. (TG)
    3. Liaising between us and Fundraising is happening and news from them being fed to AG for the Grist. (BS/AG)
    4. TG to talk to Hurley’s about advertising in the programme. (TG)
  8. Print advertising
    1. TG communicating with MH about print advertising as and when. (TG/MH)
    2. Playing Fields Fete – stall booked. Existing posters to be used. (TG)
    3. Next local season one is Sharnbrook Gardening Club which costs £15 and is good for Autumn. (TG)
  9. Arcade Window for the Summer
    1. Get involved with your local theatre and mix with Cheshire Cats and Phantom-ish with a question mark instead of the mask. Push the Youth angle.
  10. Equipment purchases: Leaflet dispensers & Poster hangers
    1. Leaflet dispenser for outside the Mill and poster hangers for the arcade to be ordered (BS)
    2. Theo to try adapting the triangle stands to hold additional leaflets.
  11. Box Office & tickets
    1. Cheshire Cats tickets – production committee talked about this. Sue forwarded the request to Alan. EMC to talk to Alison. (EMC)
    2. Possibility of using Hurley’s Farm Shop for ticket sales if Twinkle Twinkle fell through at any point. TT up and running again now, so shouldn’t be a problem for now. (BS)

Date of next meeting: 27th June