Elf – The Musical

Production team

Director: Charlie Hammond-Smith
Musical Director: Kate Brewster
Choreographer: Charlotte Pask

Important dates

Workshops: 11th/12th/13th June

Auditions: Sunday, 16th June

Rehearsals: Mondays and Wednesdays from 1st July

Show dates: Monday 2nd December – Saturday 7th December (including Saturday matinee)

Workshops and auditions

Youth Cast workshops: 6pm – 7pm on 11th, 12th, 13th June

These workshops will be for all Youth Cast, including anyone interested in Auditioning for Michael.

Ensemble: Those auditioning for ensemble parts, will be taught an excerpt of a dance and a song on these dates. The material will be provided to you on the day. It is not mandatory to attend all three sessions, as we will be repeating the same material, however if you wish to attend more than once, we would love to see you there!

Michael: Those auditioning for Michael will need to learn the dance along with the rest of the youth ensemble. A different song will be taught to Michael auditionees, and you will also be given an extract of the script to audition with. Please note that we will not go through/teach the dialogue during the workshop, you will need to go away and practice this at home.

Adult cast workshops: 7pm – 10pm on 11th, 12th, 13th June

For adult cast, we will firstly be teaching an excerpt of a dance and an ensemble song. We will then go through the solo pieces together for those interested in auditioning for principle roles.

Audition day: Times TBC 16th June

Timings for the day are TBC, however we will be firstly auditioning the youth cast in the morning. Anyone auditioning for Michael may be asked to hold back to read/sing with potential Emilys.

We will then invite the adult cast to come and audition.

Dance Auditions – we will not expect you to dance on your own in front of an audition panel, instead we will be taking notes during the dance part of the workshops to see how quickly you pick up, technique etc.

Singing & Acting – when called into the audition room, you will have the option to perform your song or acting piece first. During your audition we will go through the characters you are looking to audition for. We ask that you select a maximum of two to perform on the day, but you can register your interest for as many as you like and we will do a vocal range check. We may ask some people to hang back and pair up potential Buddys/Jovies, Emilys/Walters, Emilys/Michaels etc.

Timings for audition day will be sent out nearer the time.


Elf the Musical is a musical adaptation by Bob Martin and Thomas Meehan of the 2003 film staring Will Ferral, with music by Matthew Sklar and Chad Beguelin. After opening on Broadway in 2010, this musical has quickly become a Christmas Staple, often running on Broadway, the West End and touring extensively during the Christmas season.

Elf the Musical tells the story of Buddy, a human child adopted by Santa Claus and raised as an elf in the North Pole. When Buddy learns of his true parentage, he journeys to the magical land of New York City to meet his Father.

Upon arriving in the Big Apple, Buddy struggles to adapt to life as a human and is disappointed by the lack of Christmas spirit, particularly from his father, Walter. As Buddy tries to connect with his father and his new family, he also falls in love with Jovie, a Macy’s employee who is also cynical about Christmas.

As Christmas draws near, Buddy’s enthusiasm is starting to impact the people in his life, however his presence interferes with Walter’s career which causes arguments and tension within the family. Meanwhile, Santa’s sleigh crashes in New York and it’s down to Buddy and his family to reunite and save Christmas.

The music

Take a listen to the tracks below to get an idea of the show! 🙂

Cast Size and Requirements

We are looking for a cast size of between 35 – 40, so this will be quite a big show. There are various speaking roles scattered throughout the show (such as Chadwick and Matthews – two of Walter’s employees), and we will be casting these during the first couple of rehearsals.

Important Youth Cast Requirements:

Due to restrictions with Child Performance laws and licenses, this restricts the amount of shows that a child can perform in a row. In terms of the casting and performing of Elf it means:

Michael Hobbs – we casting 2 Michaels. This does mean that successful auditionees will not perform all 7 of the shows. One child will perform 3 shows, the other 4 – this will be selected at random for fairness.

Ensemble Youth Cast – we will be looking to cast around 8 children, between the ages of 10 and 16. Again, there are restrictions in the number of shows that can be performed in a row, so all children will miss 1 show. Once the show has been cast, we will inform parents as soon as possible which show their child will miss, so you can advise friends and family when your little one will shine!

Character Breakdown

Buddy (Tenor)

The protagonist of the show. Loveable and earnest, albeit very naïve. He spreads Christmas spirit wherever he goes. Requires a strong, clear voice with the ability to portray both comedic charm and genuine emotion.

Walter Hobbs (Baritone)

Buddy’s biological father. A stressed out and cynical businessman who has lost touch with the spirit of Christmas. Buddy helps him embrace his family and Christmas. Stern with a hidden sense of vulnerability.

Jovie (Mezzo)

Buddy’s love interest, a tough and street smart New Yorker. Initially finds Buddy’s enthusiasm annoying but eventually won over. A complex guarded character with a heart underneath that thaws. Strong singing voice capable of powerful ballads and softer introspective moments.

Emily Hobbs (Alto)

Mother of the Hobbs family, Buddy’s step-mum. Quick to see the good in others, even her husband. Kind-hearted nature, with a strong voice that can portray a range of emotions.

Michael Hobbs

(typically between 10 – 12 years old, could be older but required to sing up the octave / pre voice drop)

Buddy’s younger step-brother and the son of Walter and Emily. Initially skeptical of Buddy but grows to love him and develops a deep bond. Requires youthful energy and a powerful voice.

Santa Claus (Baritone)

The personification of joy, wisdom and kindness. A mentor to Buddy and gets to ride a sleigh around the stage. Needs to convey sincerity and warmth.

Deb (Mezzo)

Walter’s secretary. Quirky, efficient and loyal. Often flustered by the chaos of Buddy’s arrival but becomes a supportive ally. A comedic role with some solo singing.

Mr Greenway (Non-soloist)

Walter’s boss, strong authority figure.

Store Manager (Tenor)

Comedy role – initially skeptical of Buddy but starts to embrace the Christmas Spirit.

Ensemble Roles (All singing ranges/abilities)

Elves / Fake Santas / New Yorkers / Office Workers / Mall Shoppers / Carolers etc.