Wait Until Dark – 2018


A drug-filled doll has disappeared from a London flat and Mike, Croker and Roat, three petty crooks are anxious to find it. They work out a plot to compel the owners to give away the whereabouts of the doll. The owner’s wife is blind and once the crooks have lured the husband away, their task should be easy, however, they didn’t account for her companion who is a little girl who lives in the flat above. The crooks tell the blind woman a frightening story involving her husband’s supposed infidelity and other complications. She however becomes suspicious using her ears to make up for what she lacks in her eyes. In a terrifying climax, she makes use of the fact that in the dark, the blind have an advantage over those who can see normally!


  • 30th October at 7.30pm in the Club Room
  • 13th November at 7.30pm in the Club Room


  • 15th November at 7.30pm in the Club Room


  • Suzy Henderson – Blind and vulnerable but with a lot of spunk (Age 30/40)
  • Gloria – Mature brave young girl (Age 12/14)
  • Mike – Crook but with a softer side (Age 30/40)
  • Croker – Crook and thuggish (Age 30/40)
  • Roat – Crook who is ‘pure evil’ and has committed murder and would happily do it again (Age 30/50)
  • Sam Henderson – Suzy’s husband (Age 30/40)
  • First Policeman – very small part
  • Second Policeman – very small part

Contact details

Please feel free to call Nicole Macdonald (director) on her mobile: 07818 040008 for more information about the play.