We are currently fundraising for the Warm-Up Appeal. This is our project to introduce a green energy-based heating and ventilation system to the entire Mill Theatre.

The Warm-Up Appeal – Current progress


For the past two years we have been raising funds, through the Warm-Up Appeal, to enable us to install a green-energy based heating and ventilation system at the Mill Theatre. The overall target is £300,000. Phase 1 of the project has recently been completed. This has involved putting in a system for heating the auditorium based on water source heat pumps using the water from the Mill stream. The cost has been about £170,000. Over £130,000 has been raised to date and the balance of the cost has been covered by short term interest free loans from some of the Governors of the Trust. The challenge now is to raise the funds to repay these loans and to embark on Phase 2 of the project which involves extending the system to the rest of the building. This will cost about £30,000. The work will only involve pipework as sufficient pumping capacity has been installed as part of Phase 1. The ventilation part of the project, costing around £60,000, will be done when funds are available.

Recent events

There have been many highlights over the past 12 months.

  • A very successful performance at the Quarry Theatre in Bedford, which has an excellent concert grand piano, of ‘Beloved Clara’, the story in words and music of passion and tragedy involving Robert and Clara Schumann and Johannes Brahms. Performed by the show’s creator, the distinguished concert pianist, Lucy Parham, with Joanna David (one of our patrons) and Robert Glenister, the show was a sell-out and raised around £6000.
  • Lucy Parham returned, this time with Henry Goodman, on 26th February 2017 to perform her new show ‘Elegie-Rachmaninoff- a heart in exile’. Another sell out at the Quarry!
  • On November 12th 2016, a concert featuring West End favourites Sara Spade –the Ukulele lady- and the Noisy Boys was performed.
  • An Auction of Goods and Promises was held on October 1st 2016 with some exceptional lots, including a week at a luxury resort in the Gambia!
  • Several other events including a special At The Drop of a Hat and also a Quiz Night.

Other fund raisers

The 50/50 club now has 166 numbers in the draw each month-it would be great to have 200. There is a small loyal group of on-line shoppers who have raised over £400 for the appeal using the easy fund raising site-more participants are needed. The committee are now considering using the crowd funding scheme next Spring to produce an injection of funds. In addition Charitable Trusts have given us grants of £32,000 and more applications are planned

In the news

The Mill was featured on the BBC website. You can see the report here.

What can you do?

  1. Donate to our Crowdfunding campaign.
  2. Come along to some of our fund-raising events.
  3. Join the 50/50 club-it only costs £1 a month and there are 3 cash prizes every month.
  4. Log in to our easy fund raising page when you are shopping on-line.
  5. Come and help the hard-working team leading the fund-raising effort-we could do with one or two members of the group.

If you need to know more about any fund-raising activity or want to help do contact:

Brian Woodrow, Flat 5, 27 The Embankment, Bedford, MK40 3PE
Tel 01234 349455