Involve Arts

involveartsThe Mill Youth is affiliated to ‘Involve Arts’.

Involve Arts is the combined identity of the Sharnbrook Academy Federation of schools. It is a community-based arts organisation that facilitates courses and workshops for the local community with no upper age limit. Its aim is to engage young people in the Performing Arts, providing them with opportunities to establish themselves as young performers, directors, writers and teachers and allowing them to develop a strong professional reputation for their future careers.

The project aims to allow students to collaborate in a number of arts-based activities. By drawing upon the talents of local professional arts practitioners, Involve Arts will be able to supply specialist arts workshops in music, dance and drama focusing on niche areas including contemporary dance workshops; drama workshops focusing on team-building, behaviour management and creativity; specialist music workshops in African drumming and many more. In time the diversity and scope of the workshops will broaden.

Furthermore there will be collaborative performances and presentations; joint concerts, combined dance shows and large-scale productions.

The Mill is in a privileged position as it offers a unique facility for young people’s introduction to the workings of a theatre. It will also benefit the long-term future of the society by introducing a new generation of performers, directors and stage crew to the venue.