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Sharnbrook Mill Theatre, or The Mill, as it is affectionately known to members and locals, isn’t just a theatre. It’s a family. And we are looking for new additions to the family teams!

We all know that theatres need performers, but there’s so much more that goes on ‘behind the scenes’ to make the venue run smoothly.

Have a read and, if you fancy getting involved, give us a shout – we’re a friendly, fun lot and would love you to join us.

Board of Governors

The Governors of the Trust are responsible for overseeing operations and ensuring we comply with our Articles of Association. As a registered charity we are also required to follow guidelines as directed by The Charity Commission.

In broad terms, the Governors manage the affairs of the organisation as trustees by setting out and implementing policies in a very similar way to company directors.

Our Governors are drawn from a wide variety of backgrounds and are able to offer professional input to the functioning of the Trust.


  • Interest in the arts/theatre in general – we like to do our tasks with passion and enthusiasm.
  • Ability to come up with new ideas and improvements on existing activities.
  • Knowledge of business in general.
  • Dedication to the Trust’s future.

For more information, please email

Production Team

The Production Team meets on the first Thursday of the month, unless we have performances that week.

The team decides what productions will be produced the following year – usually two musicals and two plays with a Youth production on alternate years, but things sometime change. The process involves meeting potential Directors, reading scripts, listening to soundtracks, deciding on feasibility and controlling costs.

The Chair is the main contact point for all queries relating to productions and is responsible for answering or passing on any questions. They work with the Treasurer to plan the production budgets for the year ahead and they attend EMC meetings as the Team Lead, working closely with the Governors.

The Production Team offers general support to those creating productions and needs to be ready to help and sort out any issues as they arise.

The Chair and other team members are expected to attend all in-house productions either as audience or as part of the Front of House or Backstage Teams.

The team consists of between 7-8 people, all of whom are Trust members, and each has their own role to play within the team. These roles include: Secretary, Marketing Liaison, Technical Liaison, Youth and Safeguarding Liaison, Performance Material and Licences Administrator and Members Representative.

The Production Team also production manage each in-house production which involves coordinating meetings with Directors and their creative teams to discuss all aspects of their show, including the setting of rehearsal dates and venues, determining technical requirements, costumes, set construction and dressing, props and marketing – to ensure the needs of both sides are met.


  • Interest in theatre/arts in general.
  • Knowledge of current productions (touring, West End etc).
  • “People person”.
  • Organised.
  • Solution finder.
  • Team player.
  • Calm under pressure.

For more information, please email

Marketing and Communications Team

The main thing we look for in Marketing Team members is the ability to generate ideas!

We are always on the lookout for new ideas and thoughts as to how we can best promote the activities of Sharnbrook Mill Theatre. As a member of the Marketing committee, you will be responsible for bringing these ideas and your energy to the group at our meetings which happen every couple of months or so. As well as ideas, you may be asked to take on responsibility for an area of our Marketing effort. These areas include:

  • Writing press releases and releasing them to the media.
  • Creating artwork for our productions.
  • Managing our Social Media accounts.
  • Creating advertising copy for for publications including Parish newsletters, magazines, etc.
  • Creating programme artwork for our productions.
  • Creating the theatre’s season brochure/leaflet.
  • Managing poster and programme print runs.
  • Organising photographs for productions.
  • Maintaining the Foyer screen displays.
  • Maintaining the poster displays in the Foyer and other internal locations.
  • Creating and publishing the Trust’s newsletter (The Grist).
  • Proof-reading any of the above.

It’s quite a list, but don’t worry – you won’t be left on your own with the creation of materials – it’s a group effort that relies on constant communication amongst committee members and with other Mill teams to ensure that we deliver consistent messages to the members and the general public.


Some of the following would be very useful!

  • Interest in the arts/theatre in general – we like to do our tasks with passion and enthusiasm.
  • Ability to come up with new ideas and improvements on existing activities.
  • Business know-how, especially how business interacts with marketing.
  • Organisational skills.
  • An eye for detail.
  • An eye for design.
  • General experience with using computer systems.
  • Experience using Microsoft Publisher / Adobe InDesign (or other desktop publishing package).
  • Photoshop skills.
  • Social media know-how.
  • Photography skills.
  • Experience with MailChimp or other mailing software.

For more information, please email

Front of House Team

The audience attending any performance at the Mill comes expecting an enjoyable evening’s entertainment. The FOH team acts as the interface between the theatre and the audience and it is the aim of all team members to provide for attendees comfort and safety.

Parking guidance, greeting arrivals and selling programmes provides a theatrical feel as people arrive as well as answering any questions they have gives them confidence in our environment. The availability of hot and cold drinks allows for relaxation before they have to be shepherded into the auditorium, guided by ushers where required and, once all are seated, the FOH manager can give the all-clear to start the show (hopefully on time!)

Drinks and ice-creams during the interval again add to the overall enjoyment of the performance before they return to the auditorium for the final act. After the curtain calls, the auditorium empties and the ushers and other team members give any help required as well as encouraging examination of purchased raffle tickets. All these basic functions are carried out by the FOH team under the direction of the FOH manager.

The ushers also act as fire marshals if the building’s alarm system is activated: they are responsible for getting the audience out of the building ASAP while the FOH manager checks the reason for activation, hopefully finding it is a false alarm. We also ask that if you have any first aid experience that you make this known to the FOH manager.


  • People person – as the first interaction with the audience, we want them to feel welcome.
  • Interest in the arts/theatre in general.
  • Happy handling money.
  • Firm but nice – audiences sometimes need some encouragement to finish their drinks and take their seats!
  • Logical thinker.
  • Calm under pressure.

For more information, please email

Youth Development Team

The Youth are our future and we are keen to work with them to engage, develop and nurture their skills and interest in theatre. The Youth Team works with our Youth Ambassadors to deliver youth-led projects throughout the year. This includes running workshops for all disciplines with professional tutors as well as with Mill members, creating the Young Playwrights’ Showcase, encouraging involvement with main productions in the technical departments and as performers, along with giving them a voice at committee meetings.


  • Interest in working with young people.
  • Interest in building a future for the next generation of theatre practitioners and audiences.
  • Creative ideas.
  • Willing to commit time to work alongside team members as support at workshops.
  • Interest in leading workshops (optional!).

Safeguarding is a priority for The Mill so anyone who works on the Youth Team will be asked to complete an Enhanced DBS Check and to attend a Safeguarding Training session.

For more information:

Technical Team

The Technical Team is a collection of members who are responsible for delivering the technical aspects of our productions and are also experts on the equipment and systems that are used.


This is the member of the team responsible for providing sound for all productions which require it. This includes understanding and maintaining the sound system, working with the creative team and attending rehearsals/production meetings as required. Also included is production sound design, sourcing and creating sound FX, sound reinforcement for productions and supporting live music. They also provide technical support for fundraising events and outside hires as requested.

SUGGESTED SKILLS / INTERESTS (many of which can be taught to an enthusiastic person!)

  • Interest and enthusiasm in the arts.
  • Interest in technology.
  • Good at dealing with people (cast, creatives, hirers).
  • A “good ear”.
  • Operating a digital mixer.
  • Operating sound for live music and/or theatre productions.
  • Creating sound FX.
  • Sound design.


This is the member of the team responsible for providing lighting for all productions including understanding and maintaining the lighting system, working with creative teams and attending rehearsals/production meetings as required. Also included is production lighting design and sourcing and creating effects. They also provide technical support for fundraising events and outside hires as requested.

SUGGESTED SKILLS / INTERESTS (many of which can be taught to an enthusiastic person!)

  • Interest and enthusiasm in the arts.
  • Interest in technology.
  • Good at dealing with people (cast, creatives, hirers).
  • Rigging experience.
  • Lighting desk programming.
  • Digital lighting desk operation.
  • Operating lighting for live music and/or theatre productions.
  • Experience with pyrotechnics/other special effects including projection.

For more information, please email

Bar Team

The Mill Bar operates through all shows, private functions, outside hirings and fundraisers (when required). The Bar Manager is responsible for buying new stock from wholesalers as required and finding new local suppliers, submitting bar reports and organising staff numbers to enable efficient service to our patrons during each event.

Before each opening each night (usually 45 minutes before curtain up) the manager will collect the bar and front of house floats from the safe. They will check bar stock levels and replenish from the stock room as required, making sure that best practice stock control is adhered to. With the Bar Team, they will ensure the bar is clean and ready for service, turning on both the ice machine and glass washer.

During the first part of the performance and at the end of service, they will collect all the used glasses and put them through the glass washer, clean all surfaces, print a till report, put cash into the safe and turn off the ice machine.

The bar manager also has to keep a full set of accounts to be forwarded to the Treasurer quarterly, for our VAT returns.

The Bar Team supports the manager in serving patrons, restocking throughout the event, clearing glasses, cleaning the bar area (including tables) and generally making sure the presentation of the bar is smart. During the first part of the performance, the bar team will prepare and layout interval drink orders.


  • People person.
  • Quick thinking.
  • Calm under pressure.
  • Confident handling cash and card payments. 

For more information, please email

Fundraising Team

Owning our own building requires plenty of upkeep and we are lucky to have an excellent Fundraising Team who devise, discover and deliver a range of fundraising activities for our major projects – most recently our Heating and Ventilation Scheme.

New ideas are always welcome and the team is especially interested in welcoming some younger members as well as those with experience in applying for (and obtaining!) grants and funding streams!


  • Interest in charity fundraising.
  • Good at creative ideas.
  • Good team player.
  • Delivers results.
  • Experience in grant applications (not essential).

 For more information, please email

Facilities Team

The Facilities Team looks after the maintenance, repairs and renovations of the building from the outside area, the exterior of the building, front of house and backstage.

They meet on a Monday morning and carry out everything from painting to gardening! If you’re a keen DIYer with time on your hands, you’d be welcome to join the team!


  • DIY skills.
  • Team player.
  • Interest in renovation and repairs.

 For more information, please email

Wardrobe Team

Costumes can make or break a show! Getting the right style and image for each character is vital for a convincing production and it is the Wardrobe Team that makes that happen.

We have a vast array of costumes from the past 40 years of being at the venue, but costumes will often need altering, maintaining and sometimes making to suit the production, the creative vision and the performer.

The Wardrobe Team works throughout the rehearsal period with the director and cast to get the costumes right and then are available backstage during the show to ensure costumes look right before the cast go on stage, as well as being ready to make repairs if something goes wrong…there’s always someone who splits their trousers or loses a button!



  • Interest in historical fashion and trends.
  • People person.
  • Sewing skills – all levels welcome!
  • Creative.
  • Good at finding bargains in charity shops.

 For more information, please email

Construction and Set Building Team

The Mill is well known for its impressive sets and having our own venue means we have the luxury of having time to spend building and perfecting our set designs to our own bespoke requirements.

The Construction Team meets on a Monday evening and makes the director’s vision a reality by turning the black box of our stage into a range of different locations. We have created far-away planets, a 1930’s Speakeasy, islands (complete with water!) and French villages.


  • Carpentry, building and/or painting/artistic skills.
  • Attention to detail.
  • Understanding of health and safety for construction (both during the build and for usage of the sets).
  • Interest in theatrical set design.
  • Team player.

 For more information, please email

Props/Set Dressing Team

Props and set dressing are often the icing on the cake for a show – but an important one. If the props and set dressing aren’t in keeping with the style and period of the show, the overall production can jar with an audience.

Prop making and sourcing is an interesting job and allows for creativity as well as attention to detail. Likewise, set dressing needs an eye for the small details to make a big impact.

The props and set dressing team will work closely with the creative team for the production as well as the Stage Manager and Production Manager.


  • Interest in design – interior, exterior and historical.
  • Creativity.
  • Upcycling.
  • Attention to detail.
  • Able to work on a tight budget.
  • Scenic art skills welcomed.

 For more information, please email

Stage Management Team

The hub of the backstage team during performances, the Stage Manager ensures that the show runs smoothly for performers and the technical team and also ensures that production values are maintained.

Ideally, the Stage Manager will attend several rehearsals to support the creative team and see what the requirements will be during the run. These could be running scene changes and/or setting props as well making sure that the Technical Team has support before, during and after the show.

It is a role of responsibility, but also very rewarding and a great way to get to know more people who are part of The Mill.


  • Interest in theatre/the arts.
  • Organised, good at time keeping and calm under pressure.
  • People person.
  • Eye for detail.
  • Quick learner.

Full training for the role of Stage Manager can be provided prior to your first show! All you need is the will to do the job – we can train you up to prepare you!

For more information, please email

Production Creatives

We are keen to welcome new directors, choreographers, musical directors and production managers as well as assistants for each of these roles. Interested? Drop us a message by emailing